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“This school is keeping children away from child labor and we
want to sponsor the brightest children to go on to university one

Started in 2010 by Eva Kernova and Sunil Chanchal Baroi along with Mohammed Loch, with a dream to bring a change in the lives of the children of Dhaka, C2C has rapidly scaled up with the help of generous donations to change the lives of over 160 children…Learn more

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of our students are girls
aged between 4-14


children who drop out to
become wage earners are
retained in our schools


of our students secured
highest grade- A+ in the
SLC exams in 2017.

Our Belief and Promise

We believe that by providing quality primary education and basic healthcare, we can help children in the slums of Dhaka, break the cycle of poverty, and aim for a better life.

We promise that with the generous help of our donors and contributors, we will aspire to change the lives of children and help countless destitute children all over Bangladesh.

We believe that by providing quality primary education

the challenge

Young children from the slums of Dhaka have no access to education or healthcare. They are caught in an endless cycle of poverty and ill health.

how we help

Since 2010, ‘The Choice to Change Foundation’ has brought about a positive change in the lives of children. The benevolence of our donors, helps us provide these children with education, daily meals and healthcare.

We hope to grow beyond Dhaka and extend our support

the future

We hope to grow beyond Dhaka and extend our support to include every underprivileged child in Bangladesh. We would like to extend our scope to include community awareness campaigns, sustainability projects and to alleviating the living conditions of the students’ families.

how you can help

None of this would be possible without generous contributions from donors like you. Together we can bring in a huge change in the lives of these children. All of this goes towards building a better future for the world.

success stories of
our children

Hossain has faced the harshness of poverty because his father left when he was four years old. His mother then abandoned the family. He was staying with ...

Selim, was enrolled in the Choice To Change School at nursery. He is now in the 7th grade. His parents passed away when he was only 4 years old leaving him with no one to take care of him.

He was forced to fend for himself on the streets. This is when we found him. Under the...


Sajol’s family is in very vulnerable situation now as his father is too old to work and mother has no work. So his family sifts in village home, quiet far from Dhaka...


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You too can be a part
of the children's better tomorrow.

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