Our Teachers

Rakib Hossain (Headmaster)

I am Rakib Hossain from Mymensigh and I have completed B.A (Hons) & M.A. Islamic History & Culture. Now I’m working as a head teacher in C2C elementary school. Before that I was as a director, teacher and leading teacher in several educational institutions, such as the Success Coaching Centre, Abir Tutorial Home, Sankolpo Teaching Home, Beeztola English Medium School and C2C elementary school.

Since my childhood, I have enjoyed working with kids and it really upsets me to see them deprived. During my college and university studies, I would gather the kids to educate them each day after my lessons. I like to work with charity and I’ve dedicated my life to serve underprivileged children. I like to work with kids and mix with them. Since I sent my whole life in poverty, my heart hurts when I see distressed, poor, orphan and underprivileged children. Because I faced poverty from a very close proximity, I can understand their grief easily and I try to solve it by encouraging education. I believe only education can eradicate poverty from our society. It can remove ignorance from us and lighten up our lives.

Through the charity work, I’ve taken responsibility of two twins and boys whose single mother cannot support them as her husband left them for another woman. I’ve given them chance to live with my family and the opportunity for standard education.

Now I live at Solmaid in Dhaka. I have 7 years teaching experience. With three brothers and one sister, I’m the eldest son in my family. My two brothers are studying in grade two and my sister is a university student. My father is unemployment because he is too weak to work, and my mother is a housewife, and therefore my family totally depends on me, but I really enjoy helping others.

Ruel Sarkar

My name is Ruel from Gopalgonj district in Bangladesh. I am married with two kids.. I am a and I have eight years of teaching experience. My dream since childhood has been to work with the underprivileged people, and therefore I am very pleased with this profession.

Roslin Ghorami

My name is Roslin and I am a teacher at C2C elementary school. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree from Bangladesh Adventist Seminary and College (BASC). I have 6 years of teaching experience, and before joining C2C, I worked as an assistant teacher in two English, as well as a teacher for a year with the slum kids. I am very pleased that I work here and that I have the chance to help the children. I try my very best to change the kids’ lives and educate them.

Nabin Kumar Modak

I love teaching and this is why I chose to study ELT. I came to C2C as a fresh graduate, ready to embark upon my teaching career. I was really excited because here the students are the slum children striving for food, life, and parental love. I took the challenge to create an environment that saves them from their own complexity and gives them the opportunity to learn and play. C2C is an English school for Bangladeshi slum children. Initially, I was surprised to see high passion for learning, multi-intelligence and creativity here and I want to assist them as much as I can. I would also like to encourage others to join forces and help these children.

Rahima Akter Mukta

I am Rahima Akter Mukta and I have completed my Bachelor Degree in English from a national university and an MBA from a private university (AUB). I have 7 years of teaching experience and before joining C2C, I worked in 2 English schools. I am very pleased to work with the slum kids here and very thankful to C2C for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the school. I feel lucky to teach these kids and I always try my best for them and I believe that we can change their lives.

Kalpona Rozario

My name is Kalpana Rozario. I have been working at C2C for two years as a Bengali teacher. Before joining C2C, I had five years of teaching experience from Jasim Uddin Institute. I enjoy teaching others.

Monotosh Malaker

During my childhood, I lived a miserable life. My parents could not meet our family needs due to their ignorance. I suffered a lot in different ways and I used to pray for having education. Fortunately, I received a sponsorship to complete my graduation. During my childhood, I desired to be a teacher. Somehow he got the news about C2C and was informed that C2C is an organization working with the underprivileged children. I was so excited to join here, and now I feel very grateful for being a part of this school. My aim is to give 100% support and cooperation to uplift the education of this school. I will always be dedicated in assisting students as a unique citizen of this world.

Joy Lovleu Shaha

My name is Joy Lovelu Shaha and I have 7 years of teaching experience in an English medium school. After that, I worked for a company that develops professional software. From the beginning, I wished to work with the slum children, and thanks to the grace of the C2C , my wish came true. I am so proud and happy to work within this organization.

Mr. Bakul

I am Bakul Saren and I work as a teacher at C2C Elementary School. I have finished M. Ed (Master of Education) from Prime University at Mirpur-1. I consider teaching at C2C as my passion, because the students I am helping to are those who need it the most – children from the slums. I want to be part of the project which gives them the opportunity to learn and play at the same time to remember that they are valuable and can achieve their dreams in the future. I always try my best to be a good teacher and I hope and believe that we all can change their lives.