​​The Choice To Change schools comply with the Bangladesh’s ‘General Education System’, one of three recognised educational systems established in the country. More details can be found here.


Nursery Class - Khilkhet

Subjects Taken: Bangla Language, Math, General English, Special English, Heath & Hygiene and Art classes.

NURSERY Ages 4 – 5

As this is their first experience in an academic institution, all the children start at the Nursery level. It is a whole new world filled with interesting discoveries and curious questions. They explore by interacting with teachers and other children in a clean and safe classroom environment. They get familiar with books, crayons and uniforms.  C2C is a completely different world in comparison to the harsh realities of the slums just outside.  Our teachers start by providing these new students with knowledge on their health and proper practices in personal hygiene.


​Subjects Taken: Nursery and K.G. students follow the same curriculum and are taught the same subjects. However, K.G. students are provided with higher-level government textbooks, appropriate for their standard.


Further to completing their first year in Nursery, the students will progress to the Kindergarten level. By now, they have developed a more disciplined approach to studying, an understanding of the basics, and what is expected of them. Conversely, teachers know more about each student’s learning style and potential. They encourage the students to use their imagination and creativity further, as they engage in various educational activities.





Standard 1 - Lalmati School

​Subjects Taken: the following subjects are added to the curriculum: General Knowledge, Environmental Science, Computers, Crafts, and Islamic Studies.

STANDARD 1 Ages 7 – 8

​Standard 1 students start their 3rd year of education in our school. Most are able to formulate basic prepositions in English and can respond somewhat confidently to questions in English as well. Their mathematical knowledge is now picking up and they are comfortably more literate in their native Bangla. A whole new set of subjects is now added to Standard 1’s curriculum giving the students much more educational variety.




Subjects Taken: a similar subject matter to that of Standard 1, yet content is more advanced and elaborate.


STANDARD 2 Ages 9 – 10

In reaching Standard 2 level, students can read and write comfortably, setting free more of their creativity and talent. Teachers start to encourage the use of the English language in all interactions and expect the students to respond in the same way. In general, Standard 2 students are more interactive with their teachers as well as the school’s numerous monthly visitors.





STANDARD 3 Ages 11 – 12

With grade 3 our student are starting their 4th year in our school, which is reflected in their more competent English language communication. The knowledge of the students at this stage is more advance, which contributes to their better understanding of the importance of education. The children are more aware of their future ambitions and therefore take their studies more seriously.

With puberty approaching at this stage, there can be a lot of conflicting motives within the families, where parents would usually decide to send their children to work. Nevertheless, within our school, all of our students choose to study hard and cooperate with our teachers effectively.