0022 - 13-06-08 - C2C Slum Cleaning Campaign (19)26

Summer 2013 Slum Cleaning Campaign

C2C’s staff and students got together to try and clean up their surroundings.  In June 2013, C2C held a Slum Cleaning Campaign in each of the slums the foundation works in; one in Khilkhet and the second in Lalmati. This was a great exercise for both the children (students & siblings) and the adults (their…

0021 - 13-05-27-29 - Diedre's Workshop Visit (8)25

Deidre – The First Resident Volunteer Working for C2C in Dhaka

Deidre, C2C’s first ever resident volunteer, came to work alongside our students and teachers while staying in C2C’s private guestroom.  Deidre is a native of S. Africa and has had experience teaching underprivileged children in the past.  She has also held countless private tutoring sessions for primary school students. She spent a total of 2…

0020 - 13-05-21 - Speech at Bangladeshi International School AUH (42)24

C2C Presents at the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bangladeshi Islamia Private School

Mark Azzam and Eva Kernova reached out to the Bangldeashi community in Abu Dhabi by presenting The Choice to Change foundation to about 180 students, teachers and staff, from city’s only Bangladeshi private school. The presentation was well received with several good questions asked by the students in the Q&A period held afterwards.  C2C hopes…

0019 - 13-04-19 - C2C Foorball Fundraiser @ Dome@Rawdhat (Tony's Pics) (37)23

AD Week Magazine & Proactive.ae Football Fundraiser

C2C joins Abu Dhabi Week Magazine yet again for another highly successful ‘Football for Charity’ fundraiser.  This time AD Week Magazine teamed up with the sport events company, Proactive.ae, which organized this fundraiser alongside Dome@Radwhat, Abu Dhabi. A total of 16 football teams from various companies and organizations played at this event.  A tabletop sale…

0018 - 13-04-11 - Pics of Foundation Certificate (13)22

The C2C Becomes an Officially Registered Foundation​

The Choice to Change Bangladesh Trust started its quest to attain Foundation status back in August 2012.  After much perseverance and some strenuous audits and security checks, the Bangladeshi Government finally granted our project ‘Social Welfare Status’! ​ With this highly acclaimed status, we are now an officially recognized and registered foundation in Bangladesh. ​…


Abu Dhabi Week Magazine Visits C2C

Abu Dhabi Week Magazine’s Senior Staff Writer Catriona and Intern Seth paid a memorable visit to our two schools. Catriona stayed in Dhaka for 2 days, visiting the slums, speaking to the children and their families in what she describes as a truly unique experience. Seth stayed in Dhaka for 1 day and had the…

0016 - 13-02-13 - BISAD Clothing Handouts (Gilbert Pics) (2)20

BISAD Donates Clothing to C2C’s Students

BISAD (The British International School of Abu Dhabi) collected over 75 kg of children’s clothing and toys from their students and families. All the donated items were delivered to our 2 schools throughout the month of February. C2C’s children were ecstatic to receive these donations as many of them were of great quality and design….

0015 - 13-01-20 - Dr. Roys Visits Start @ C2C (54)19

Weekly School Doctor Visits Start

Dr. Roy started his weekly visits to both C2C school branches. Every Sunday, he goes to either Khilkhet or Lalmati branch (on a bi-weekly rotation) to check on the health status of all our students. Dr. Roy allocates 3-hours of his time, from 9 AM till noon every Sunday to check on our students’ well-being….

0014 - DSC_006018

Aisha’s Family Aid Package​

A most generous contribution was given to The Choice To Change organization by Mrs. Aisha, an Emirati lady hailing from Abu Dhabi. She asked that all our children’s families receive some basic staple foods and most importantly toiletries and hygienic products for daily use. Our staff in Dhaka worked tirelessly in purchasing and organizing these…

0013 - 12-07 - BISAD + AD Week C2C Events (19)17

BISAD & Abu Dhabi Week Fundraisers

The three Project Directors of The Choice To Change (Eva, Mark & Marius) along with some of their colleagues, partook in two charity fundraising events on December 7. The first was held at The British International School of Abu Dhabi (BISAD) and the second, at Dome@Rawdhat, by Abu Dhabi Week Magazine. BISAD organized a football…