Who we are: The Choice To Change (C2C) was founded in July 2010 by Eva Kernova, a citizen of Slovakia resident in the UAE and Sunil Baroi, a citizen of Bangladesh resident in Dhaka. In July 2013 they were joined by Mohammed Loch, President & CEO of DMS Global. They chose to change the lives of poverty-stricken children in the slums of Dhaka by paving an educational pathway for them to follow. Attaining any type of formal education would have been impossible for these underprivileged children without the help of such a non-profit organisation. Their aim is to break the endless cycle of poverty in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh, by providing a primary education and basic health care to the underprivileged children our foundation works with. We are completely dependent on the generosity of our donors and contributors.

Profile of the students and their families we work with:  53% of our students are female and the majority of our students are aged between 8 and 10, followed by our youngest students at the age of 4. 97% of our students are Muslim, and in terms of family size the majority have 3 siblings, with both parents present. 36% of the children’s fathers are day labourers, and 71% are uneducated. Similarly, the mothers are also mainly uneducated and remain at home as housewives.The average total household income lies between 7500 –10000BDT (500AED) per month, where the most common cost of rent is 2200 –3800BDT (190AED) per month, leaving majority of our students at C2C at the level of extreme poverty.

Registration: in February 2011, C2C was officially endorsed by the government of Bangladesh as a ‘Trusteeship’, under the name of The Choice To Change Bangladesh Trust.  After much persistence and hard work from C2C’s administrators and the Director of Operations based in Dhaka, the organisation was granted ‘Society Status’ in March 2013.  The organisation is now titled The Choice To Change Foundation and is an official NGO operating in Bangladesh; it has the following Registration Number: S-11649.

​V​ision: is to build a healthy environment of education and learning among underprivileged children, thus stopping the cycle of poverty in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The aim of The Choice to Change Foundation is to educate students in Dhaka city. We also aspire to one day touch the hearts and minds of countless other destitute children all over Bangladesh.

The Choice To Change’s dreams and aspirations can only be made possible with your generous donations and continual support.


Eva Kernova
Founder, Director

Sunil Baroi
Co-Founder, Director of Operations

Mohammed Loch
Partner / Executive Director

Tatyana Karpinskaya
Board Member