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Thanks to donations from the capital for over six years, the Choice to Change Foundation keeps on growing.

Back in 2010, after a life-changing trip to Dhaka in Bangladesh, UAE resident Eva Kernova decided she wanted to help the impoverished children in a local slum. With the help from Sunil Barol, a Bangladeshi national, the Choice to Change Foundation (C2C) was born. The aim was to change the lives of poverty stricken children in the slums of Dhaka by paving an educational pathway for them to follow.

And things moved fast, thanks to hundreds of Abu Dhabi residents. Donations of not only money, but clothing, stationery, powdered milk and medical supplies quickly came flooding in to help develop the school but, ultimately, to help the children’s lives.

The school started with humble numbers, but growing support and love from the local slum community only made the amount of students wanting education soar. And so did Abu Dhabi’s donations.


Kernova and Barol were then joined by Mohammed Loch, president and CEO of DMS Global. This Abu Dhabi resident brought his expertise of running a global business – even though C2C is not for profit – to bring fluidity and direction to the foundation; a great sign for major companies to get involved.

So now in 2016 it’s no wonder that between Kernova, Barol (the foundation’s executive director) and Loch that the school has 150 students, nine full-time teachers, a full-time nurse, a social worker and even a head cook.

This year, C2C will have Grade 5 students (aged 12) and they will be taking part in the school’s first public examination in Bangladesh, the Primary School Certificate Examination.

The foundation has also welcomed Wassem Rahman, a Bangladeshi businessman who kindly covers the medical related expenses for the year. The support continues to grow here, too, as students from Khalifa University donate powdered milk, and Etihad Airways cabin crew member Corina fundraised with friends to donate 32 laptops for the school’s first computer room.

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