Social responsibility campaign

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social_responsibility_campaignFor the first time C2C organized a social responsibility campaign. This very first initiative was created for our students to realize that coming from hard conditions and slum environment shouldn’t prevent their care for others struggling differently. With help from C2C, the children are healthy enough to go to school, study and become professionals one day in their future. By caring for one another, we can achieve much more in this world.

Rabia, Alamin and Jamina, the chosen representatives from our Lalmati School, enjoyed giving new clothes, toys and toiletries to orphans/autistic children with various types of disabilities. Friends of Yasmina in Abu Dhabi also organized collection of non monetary donation for this purpose.

Our aim is to deliver all donated items in Dhaka to those who need it the most. We are extremely thankful to all of our donors and we promise to always do our best and use all donations effectively for our children and slum families only.