Marathon to raise the funds for the Choice to Change Foundation

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Marathon to raise the funds for the Choice to Change Foundation Hadeel Aladham had a completely different take on marathons, until she joined the January 2012 Bahrain Road Runners. Initially, keeping fit was the goal for her. With 3km runs as her target, Hadeel proceeded on to participating in the 2011 Bahrain Relay.

Little did she know, once you start running, it can become very addictive. This is how she felt in January 2012 after joining the Bahrain Road Runners for the first time. Before this, marathons, triathlons, easy 8km runs were all crazy talk for this new runner.

That morning in January 2012, her life started to take a new turn. New goals arose, new habits and a brand new Hadeel. She trained hard and reached the level where all the distances that felt impossible to run were now an easy target.

Hadeel participated in 5, 10 and 15 km races outside of Bahrain, and in January 2014, after two years of comfort runs, limits were pushed and running was taken to the next level. Her next challenge was to complete a half marathon. At that point, the more passionate and more experienced runner knew that signing up for the Seef Mall Half Marathon was not going to be an easy task, but was determined to pursue her dreams.

In order to push her limits further, Hadeel found an inspiration in running to raise funds for charity. She told her friends and family that she would be running the half marathon to raise funds for the Choice to Change foundation. All it took was a Facebook post, a Tweet, a work email and a promise to write contributors’ names on her running shirt for Hadeel to raise 400BD in just under 2 weeks! After this, she knew there was no quitting. Walking was no longer an option, she knew she had to run to finish. It was the promise to the Choice to Change and all the contributors that evoked Hadeel’s urge to train hard and to successfully finish the marathon!