Kidz Venture Dubai Comes on Board

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KV Logo BoxThe Choice to Change Foundation would like to thank Kidz Venture, a well established pre-school based in Dubai, UAE, for their generous support on two fronts.


First, Kidz Venture took the initiative to link C2C up with Celebration of Life (CoL), an UK based NGO that aids charities by directly funding particular projects they run.  Through Kidz Venture, The Choice to Change Foundation officially started its Poverty Alleviate Program with an initial donation of $1,000 USD from CoL. C2C will soon invested a portion of this amount to help 3 extremely impoverished families of C2C students by micro-financing 2 sustainable tea stall businesses and by purchasing a used rickshaw.


Second, Kidz Venture provided C2C administrators with numerous official documents and forms to help improve the quality of both teaching techniques and the filing system at our schools in Dhaka.


We look forward to further work with Kidz Venture throughout 2014 and to benefit from additional future exchanges.


More information on Kidz Venture can be found by visiting the following links