University of South Bohemia Interns Arrive to C2C

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13-10-03 - Good Czech Volunteer Pics - 001

On September 22, 3 interns from the University of South Bohemia arrived to Dhaka.  The 3 Czech students are in the process of completing their university degrees in social work.  Their university mandated them with helping improve the quality of C2C on a sociological and interpersonal level.  They have been working with C2C’s staff every school day to help improve the staff’s interactions with the underprivileged families and children the foundation works with.

Lucy, Katy and Michaela will be working for a 2-month period where they will also help establish a comprehensive database with updated socio-economic and medical information on all the families and C2C students.

“When we were walking through the slum I saw the same bad conditions of living, as I saw in Africa. When I entered to The Choice to Change schools I realized that there was another world here.  All the students are wearing the same uniforms, the teachers had their own uniform as well, the classes are well equipped, and the children get regular breakfast and lunch every school day. These schools are a chance for students from the slums to have better life.” Lucy

“When I left the airport, I had a shock – a cultural shock. I have never seen something like this before. There were a lot of beggars – mostly small children and old women. Driving is wild and totally different from Europe. But the schools are completely different from these surroundings.  They have colorful walls, with pictures and art work the students had made in class, textbooks and desks. The schools have a very nice feel and great equipment. I was delighted with the children. When I met the children for the first time, they sang a song and I had tears in my eyes. It was a moving experience that I will never forget.” Katy

“Bangladesh is a poor and overpopulated country. When I came to Dhaka, I was quite shocked. Every day I go to school through the slums, where they are located. I realized that The Choice to Change gives families the opportunity to change their children’s lives and future. Classrooms are equipped well; children truly enjoy their classes and this makes me very happy to see. “ Michaela

The Choice to Change Foundation would like to thank the University of South Bohemia for entrusting us with their students and we hope that this will be the first of many projects that C2C will take up with such respectable educational institutions.